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FAQs on Commercial Air Conditioning, Answered


Each year, the HVAC industry makes about $71 billion. It grew by about four percent each year from 2009 to 2014. With most homes possessing an air conditioning unit of some kind, it is not uncommon for customers to have questions about how commercial air conditioning works and how it can benefit their business.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about commercial air conditioning repair along with the answers:

What is a service call fee?
A service call fee is a bill a customer will receive for the time and travel used to diagnose the problems associated with heating and air conditioning units. This also includes inspection and expert recommendations. Check with heating and air conditioning contractors to find out their rates.

How old must a system be before the replacement saves money?
In a system that is five years old or less, the cost of installation will not be worth the replacement. An older system, however, may be less efficient even though it may be working. An upgrade to a newer system could help save more money as well as increase efficiency. Huntsville heating and cooling professionals can help confirm whether or not a new system will actually be worth the cost associated with replacement.

What is energy management and does my business need it?
In recent years, more businesses have been implementing energy management systems in an attempt to reduce the cost of heating and cooling their commercial buildings. In buildings that are 100,000 or more in square feet, 35% of them use energy management systems and, as a result, save significant amounts of money on heating and cooling costs.

Energy management systems help centralize all the energy-related decisions. The concept of energy management is to be able to tell how much energy is in use and where it can be reduced.

How big should my system be?
Believe it or not, about a third of the best heating and cooling systems are not properly sized for the buildings they are associated with. Having the right size system can be the difference between spending money once and spending money multiple times for commercial air conditioning repair because the system was too small or too big. Improperly installed air conditioning systems can increase the cost of energy by up to 30%. Have an HVAC professional confirm the right sized system for your building to save money on commercial air conditioning repair in the future.

Now that you are aware of some of the common problems businesses property owners face with commercial HVAC repair, you can better understand how to go about getting a system installed in your building and maintain a comfortable environment for all occupants.