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3 Things That Happen to Your HVAC Systems When You Don’t Change Your HVAC Filters


It’s one of the most common things we hear as homeowners — for efficient, longer-lasting heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, it’s crucial to replace our air filters once every three months.

One thing we’re never told, however, is why. Sure, clean air filters can improve a home’s indoor air quality and make an HVAC system run more efficiently, but it’s easy to forgo these benefits for the sake of reducing the time and effort we have to spend maintaining our home.

Still not convinced that you should be changing out your HVAC filters as often as recommended? Here’s a look at three of the most shocking things that can happen to your heating and air conditioning systems when you don’t regularly replace your air filters:

Reduced airflow
When old air filters are clogged with dirt, dust and other debris, there’s less room for air to flow through your HVAC systems and through your home. The problem will only get worse the longer you wait to change your air filters. Because your HVAC system will be working harder to circulate air throughout your home, your energy bills will likely go up significantly.

A frozen coil
When your HVAC system runs harder than normal due to a dirty filter, it’s possible that your cooling coil may freeze up inside your air conditioner because it’s working overtime to cool the air inside your home. This can lead to a costly repair, so it’s best to just change your air filters to prevent this.

Total loss of heating or cooling flow
Lastly, your HVAC systems may fail to work entirely if you don’t switch out your air filters when needed. If you leave the same filters in for months on end, your system will eventually work so hard that a part will break or wear out, requiring you to call in an HVAC professional for a servicing that will end up being much more costly than the price of a new air filter.

With the right maintenance, your HVAC system can last as long as 12 to 15 years. Make sure your home is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round having an air filter replacement as often as you should.

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